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Providing high quality Electrical work to Commercial & Residential clients.


Solar & Off Grid

Our team are proud to be CEC (Clean Energy Council) accredited designers and installers of Solar and battery systems. We have provided solutions to many people across Victoria from basic metro grid connected installations, to fully Off Grid rural installations comprising of batteries and generator, and many other installs in between.

We pride ourselves on only using top quality racking, inverters and panels to ensure the overall quality of our installs are second to none. If you are after a cheap “in and out” solar solution, we are probably not suited for you.

Not only can we install a top notch system for you, but we train our customers about the best way to enhance the return on their solar investment – simple things such as setting timers on the washing machine to run during the day, installing programmable timers in your switchboard to control your hot water service etc. This both amplifies your financial return, as well as decrease your environmental impact through more reliance on the renewable energy provided by the sun.

With a strong ethos around our carbon footprint, we practice what we preach – having good quality PV systems installed in our own homes, and providing full circle service with regard to our installs – (responsible removal of waste, proper recycling of used panels, minimising packaging and double handling where possible etc). We feel that solar is not just for a financial benefit, but also to help reduce our impact on the environment. 

Please see our Solar projects page to view some recent installations of both Grid connected, and Off Grid solutions.