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Power Factor Correction

Power factor is a very important phenomenon, which often goes overlooked due to lack of knowledge and awareness around the subject. Fourth Phase Electrics specialise in power factor solutions that can improve energy efficiency and deliver huge cost savings on your energy bills. 

An industrial plant with a poor power factor is likely paying significantly more for electricity, as well as having a variety of other issues such as electric motors/equipment failing quickly and increased burden on your supply transformer/switchboard/bus bars.

You’ll be paying more because:

  • supply companies know that a poor power factor increases the burden on their own network, so the penalise you for it (KvAr tariff on your electricity bill), and
  • you’ll be replacing equipment far sooner due to damage caused by poor power factor.


At Fourth Phase Electrics, we realise how important finding the right solution to your power factor requirements can be. Not only is there a huge financial incentive to get it under control, there are also added benefits such as increasing the longevity of your equipment, reduced burden on your supply transformer and phase balancing.

We are proud to be the recommended installer of Fuseco Power Solutions for their Sinexcel SVG units. These units use solid state devices to inject reactive current back into the grid – directly offsetting the poor power factor caused by the load currents. This means that the grid sees a greatly improved power factor, and will penalise you less.

An SVG unit is far superior to the old technology of capacitor banks – as they are solid state, they can match the load profile within milliseconds, and have virtually no lagging effect. The old technology of capacitor banks, uses contactors to switch in/out the capacitors, which can take many seconds – by the time it finally does this, the load profile has completely changed and the power factor remains poor, or over compensated.

In addition to the speed at which an SVG unit can improve the power factor, it also has virtually no ongoing maintenance costs – it doesn’t rely on capacitors which are forever blowing up!

We are even more proud that we can offer this service, as well as design and implementation of a PV system, to provide a complete turn-key solution to help reduce your energy costs, and environmental burden.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of installing power factor correction at your own facility, please feel free to get in touch with us today – we can arrange a site visit from our Director, Casey, as well as National Product Manager, David Gale from Fuseco, to talk about the perfect solution for your facility.