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Power Factor Correction

True Foods Pty. Ltd, Maryborough Vic.

Fourth Phase Electrics were engaged by True Foods Pty. Ltd. After being referred as the recommended installer for Fuseco Pty Ltd. for their SVG unit Power Factor Correction cubicles.

Based in the beautiful Maryborough in regional Victoria, along with National Sales Manager David Gale of Fuseco we completed a site visit. At this visit we sat down with the entire engineering and maintenance team, as well as project managers to explain the benefits of installing Power Factor Correction.

There were both immediate and future benefits, being instant ROI from a reduced power factor surcharge, and the longevity of use of their existing HV substation on site.

Within their existing main switchroom, we installed a 200kVar SVG unit, with scope for a second 200kVar SVG unit to be installed in parallel. Fed via a dedicated sub board, we future proofed the install so that we won’t need to do a complete site shutdown to add in the second module.

With the installation of the first 200kVar unit, we instantly brought their power factor from around .58 lagging, straight to .92, which is a significant increase and will be a huge cost saving from now onwards. When the remaining 200kVar is installed, we should see power factor figures of around .99, which is incredible.

The entire works were completed with minimal disruption to some 300 employees and multiple production lines. The HV sub shutdown was completed after hours and was completed well and truly within specified time frames. This was achievable by careful planning and thorough prep work prior to the shutdown day.

Automatic Backup Generator

Childrens House of Early Learning – Mt. Evelyn Vic.

A long term client of Fourth Phase Electrics, Childrens House of Early Learning were severely affected by the huge storms through the Dandenong Ranges & Yarra Valley in June 2021.

With no power for over 5 days, and constant disruptions to their electrical supply thereafter they engaged us to design, supply and integrate a fully automatic backup diesel generator.

With a tricky building design, tight access and around 100 people at any given time on site it was a challenge but one that we were well and truly up for.

With help from East Coast Generators Pty. Ltd, we supplied a 44kVa Kohler 3 phase diesel generator, and automatic transfer switch to suit. We arranged for a concrete slab to be poured, and the generator to be craned into position.

Our dedicated team worked long nights and a weekend to ensure that the generator was installed without hassle to the client and all the parents and children that attend.

The generator was integrated seamlessly into their supply, so now as soon as there is a glitch in power, within 10 seconds the generator has them back online, meaning the kids and staff are all safe and with heating & cooling, cooking facilities and computer/security systems as normal. 

We now provide ongoing maintenance for the generator as well, ensuring that it will run smoothly whenever required for this site – a great outcome for all parties involved.

Grid Connected Solar

Katrina & Jake, Chirnside Park Vic

We were asked to provide a solution for very large quarterly power bills at this beautiful acreage property in the hills of Chirsnide Park.

They have a fully electric pool, two heat pump hot water systems, electric cooking, a 16kw 3 phase reverse cycle ducted heating and cooling system and a large shed/office. 

We designed, supplied and installed a massive 19.9kw 3 phase high quality solar system, using Trina panels mounted on Clenergy racking and paired with a 20kw 3 phase Fronius inverter 

This has helped to offset their huge bills by over 50%, and with future growth expected in their electrical load we have oversized inverter so that more panels can easily be added when required.

Custom Build

Tammy & Duncan Steels Creek, Vic.

We were engaged by Duncan and Tammy, as owner builders, through another referral, for their custom new build in the beautiful wine region of Steels Creek in Victoria.

We were tasked to do a full design for electrical, security, CCTV, Starlink, Solar, batteries, underfloor heating and 200+ metre Underground cable installation.

After acceptance of our design, we dug and installed a bit over 200 metres of underground supply from their private SWER transformer, via their shed to their new home. 

We wired their new shed which was a site office to begin with, then integrated a 14.4kW PV array which powered 13.8kWh of BYD battery storage. This has then been integrated to run one of two phases as a back-up supply, so if the power goes out, the dedicated circuits specified by Duncan & Tammy (kitchen, lighting, modem etc) will continue to run as if nothing has happened. A portion of the solar will continue to top up the battery while the other portion is still offline with supply.

With careful planning and design, we installed a full network CCTV system to keep an eye on their machinery shed some 120 metres away from the main house, and integrated it into the house system which can be remotely viewed from anywhere in the world. This is all achievable by using quality gear, and having a top of the range Tesla Starlink that we installed, hidden on part of the carport roof.

We supplied and installed high quality power points, switches, flush mounted sub boards and automated underfloor tile heating in the bathrooms, ensuite and powder rooms.

We have pre wired for future pool and pool house and look forward to going back to complete these works when they are ready.

Off Grid Installation

Daniel & Angela – Glenburn Vic

A completely off grid property in the beautiful hills of Glenburn, backing onto the Toolangi State forest that we were lucky enough to wire up!

The project consisted of wiring a small 3 bedroom cottage, a large machinery shed/workshop, hundreds of metres of underground cabling for gates, driveway lighting and future house site. All of this complimented by a 9Kw PV array, 15kwH of battery storage and a 13kVa fully automated back up diesel generator.

The system was wired and installed into a specified generator/battery shed.

We installed the partially pre-programmed system and tweaked to suit our clients needs. The long winters and heavy fog means the generator needed to be reliable and kick in before the batteries drained too often. Through the Victron HMI this is easily achievable, and can easily be tweaked back when they purchase more battery storage.

The system has been designed so that extra PV can easily be installed on the roof of the shed, and extra battery storage can be installed within the battery shed.

They have been comfortably living completely off grid for over 3 years now, with no issues at all and love having no power bills to pay!

Unit Development Site.

3D Advantage – Lilydale 6x Units + Common Lighting.

A local builder and developer we have a strong relationship with for the last decade – 3D Advantage engaged us as usual to provide full electrical & NBN package including all underground works, group metering, common lighting & wiring of 6x new units.

 With a fast paced approach to construction, the builder requires seamless timeframe management and deadlines – something we do best.

The undergrounds, group meter panel, rough in and fit off all went smoothly, and perfectly according to plan. There was no paperwork delay in energizing the group metering, and therefore individual tenancies.

We provide high quality fittings and fixtures, to ensure there are little to no builders warranty claims – a headache that neither the builder or us want, so we do it right the first time.

We have wired over 50 houses for 3D Advantage all throughout the Yarra Ranges, with many more in the pipeline. It is one of our best client – builder relationships we have, and continue to maintain into the future.


Yarra Valley Lodge, Heritage Golf Course, Chirnside Park VIC

We were contacted by head of maintenance, Marty, after being referred by one of the sites investors.

Set amongst the amazing Heritage Golf course, with beautiful views across Christmas Hills and surrounds we were provided a scope of work to overhaul and automate the foyer lighting. The current lighting was original from the build and quite poorly designed. The main issue we faced was this was over 7 metres in the air, and in the main entrance to a fully functioning high end hotel.

With meticulous planning, we designed a fully dimmable LED strip lighting solution, which was automated by a Cbus controller that had pre planned scenes to suit certain times of day or night, at the simple push of a button.

The installation went smoothly, with the use of a quiet and emission free electric scissor lift, we used floor protection to protect the carpet, barriers and spotters to protect the people within the area.

In addition to the strip lighting, we retrofitted the enormous existing pendant lighting, and high access downlights throughout the area.

Overall the project went very smoothly, with minimal disruptions to staff and patrons within the facility.

A great outcome and beautiful result which has had no issues and been running for several years perfectly.

Thank you Yarra Valley Lodge for having us, it was a pleasure working with you.

Industrial Fit out

Controlfab Pty. Ltd. Kilsyth, Vic.

As an existing maintenance client of ours, Controlfab Pty. Ltd. Were expanding and building some new dedicated factories to aid their expansion.

We were asked to take over after base build, and completely customise 3 factories to suit their needs. 

Scope of works included installing multiple large sub boards, wiring approximately 40 work stations/welding bays for their employees, installing large CNC cutting machines, installing a large laser tube cutter inclusive of step down transformer to suit, a large mezzanine office space and kitchenette, store room and multiple other machines such as 30kw compressor etc.

The original part of our fit out was completed to a high standard, with all cable tray, conduit work etc. This supplied all required loads and supported large 3 phase supplies, sub mains etc.

The second portion of the fit out was also completed to a high standard, we assisted Applied Machinery Pty. Ltd. In the installation of the laser tube cutter, the CNC cutter, multiple brake presses etc.

After the welding bays, machinery etc was all completed, the upstairs mezzanine office was also wired, which included all lighting and power, kitchenette, air-conditioning and point to point Ubiquiti network connection & data, so all offices could communicate on the same network.

All in all it was a great project to be a part of, both Fourth Phase and Controlfab continue a strong relationship to this day and all parties are pleased with the finished results.

Thank you Jo & Mark of Controlfab for your ongoing support.