Recently we have been working on a large LED Hi-bay conversion project. The premises was Eastern Indoor Sports centre in Knoxfield.

The existing Hi-bay lighting system was well outdated, and quite dangerous. The lights were a combination of 2 phase, 1000watt Hi pressure Sodium, and 400watt single phase Hi pressure Sodium.

The layout was incorrect for the courts, and caused concentrated spots and dark patches on the courts, as well as a low lux level overall.

After multiple site visits and consultations, we were able to achieve an excellent result, both aesthetically and efficiently.

We installed 30x 150watt LED Hi-bays, and reconfigured both the switching and the layout to give a much better spread of light, and greater Lux at court level.

In terms of energy saving, the new design saves almost 80% on the power consumption as opposed to the old system. The switching is now much more efficient, with each court having its own switch seperate – this allows for greater segregation, and even more power saving as they don’t have to have multiple banks on to achieve the same result.

Whilst these fittings are not part of the VEET scheme, they cost roughly 30% of an equivalent VEET approved Hi-Bay. They have the same lumen output as almost all of them, and still come with a 5 year full replacement warranty. These fittings managed to turn a $37k job into roughly 35% of that.

These lights are going a long way to help this business save money, whilst reducing their carbon footprint, and still achieving a great result in light output. If you have any questions regarding these lights, or how you can save money whilst being environmentally friendly, feel free to give us a call, or contact us via the link.

Have a great day.



Clients review:

Highly recommended, professional, honest and reliable. Fourth Phases completed a large LED Highbay rollout for my business and their communication and workmanship throughout the process was first class.”